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AVID Pro Tools Subscription for Students and Teachers

This is a one year subscription license.

(Since this is a subscription, after one year, renew your Pro Tools subscription.  Or you will no longer have access to Pro Tools.)

(iLok not included – Purchase iLok separately or iLok Cloud Account)    

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AVID Pro Tools Renewal

This product license is for customers looking to renew their Pro Tools software with annual updates and support for one additional year.  This Renewal requires you to upgrade within your current update and support plan.  You have one year and a 30 day grace period to add this additional one year support at this low pricing.  

Available for Retail, Students, Teachers and Institutions.  

NOTE:  Please select which above version applies to you.

Pro Tools is the most widely used multi-track audio software application used by countless studios and individuals for recording and mixing.  This version of Pro Tools is a native version allowing for 128 tracks, 32 inputs/outputs and 60 plugins.  This software can be used with any of the numerous audio interfaces available today on Mac or PC.

Pro Tools includes everything you need for creating large mixes.  Here is just a few of the great features in Pro Tools.

• Multi-Track Recording up to 32 inputs and outputs

• Sampling Rates up to 192kHz

• 128 Audio Tracks

• 512 Midi Sequencing Tracks and editing

• 512 Virtual Instrument Tracks

• 128 Aux Tracks

• Unlimited Busses

• One HD Video Track

• Score Editing Tools

• Full Mixing Automation

• EQ curve graphs on all Mix window channel strips

• VCA Masters

• Track Freeze

• Insert and Play HD video and Avid DNxHD sequences right in the Pro Tools timeline, so you can create and mix stereo soundtracks in sync with the picture

• Trim clips, edit notes, and add fades with the Smart Tool. Change tempo or timing on the fly with Elastic Time. You can even make bad notes pitch perfect with Elastic Pitch.

• Includes a variety of useful audio plugins and virtual instruments.

• Session Collaboration

• Plus much much more!


Pro Tools is Eucon based allowing for enhanced deep control of Pro Tools with Eucon based controllers such as Avid Artis Mix, S3, Dock and S6.  Download the Pro Tools | Control app for iPad to speed up your work flow!

* Need more audio inputs, tracks and surround capabilities?  Check out Pro Tools Ultimate.




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