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The Intel Xeon X3450 quad core processor is ideal for small business owners looking for ways to grow business, manage operations more effectively and efficiently, and protect and secure one of their most important assets — information. Based on Intel’s Core micro architecture it is designed to deliver better performance on multiple application types and user environments at a substantially reduced power envelope.
You also get Intel Virtualization Technology hardware enhancements that support software-based virtualization. It works with VMware, Virtual PC and XenSource and products from an increasing number of software vendors. Virtualization combined with multiple cores gives you maximum power and performance per square foot.
  • neweggQUAD-CORE PROCESSING WITH 8MB SMART CACHEThe Intel Xeon X3450 processor features four complete processor cores in one physical package. Significant performance headroom, especially for multi-threaded applications, helps boost system utilization through virtualization and application responsiveness. The large on-die 8MB shared L3 cache minimizes data latency, helping improve performance and power efficiency.
  • neweggSUPPORTS INTEL VIRTUALIZATION TECHNOLOGY (INTEL VT)With Intel VT, one hardware platform functions as multiple “virtual” platforms. For business, Intel VT offers improved manageability, limiting downtime and maintaining worker productivity by isolating computing activities into separate partitions. In the home, Intel VT allows creating unique user environments for multiple family members using the same platform simultaneously.
  • neweggMEMORY FLEXIBILITYWith an integrated high speed, 1333 MHz dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, the Intel Xeon X3450 supports up to 16GB of memory with DDR3 Unbuffered DIMMs or 32GB of memory with DDR3 Registered DIMMs.
  • neweggTURBO BOOST TECHNOLOGYIntel Turbo Boost technology maximizes speed for demanding applications, dynamically accelerating performance to match your workload – more performance when you need it the most.
  • neweggHYPER-THREADING TECHNOLOGYThe Intel Xeon X3450 supports Intel Hyper-Threading technology which enables simultaneous multi-threading within each processor core, resulting in more efficient use of processor resources, higher processing throughput, and improved performance on the multi-threaded software of today and tomorrow.

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