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Intel Core i3 530 Processor 2.93 GHz with 4 MB L3 shared cache. Features Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (dual-core with 4 threads), NEW with Intel HD Graphics at 733 MHz, LGA1156 package. Intel HD Graphics supported when used with DH55TC, DH55HC or similar motherboards. Included in box: processor, fan/heatsink, manual and chassis sticker. 3 Year Limited Warranty. Intel Hyper-Threading Technology – lets your processor do two things at the same time, similar to a toaster that has two slots instead of one, or four slots instead of two. The result is that you can do a lot more in less time. Intel HD Graphics- provides superb visual performance for sharper images, richer color and lifelike video. Now available on select models of the all NEW 2010 Intel Core Processor Family.

The Intel Core i3-530 Processor brings solid performance, Intel HD Graphics, and innovative technologies to your desktop computer. With two cores running at 2.93 GHz, the Core i3-530 won’t have any problems handling your everyday applications. And thanks to the processor’s built-in graphics , you won’t have to spend extra money on an external video card in order to get a stunning HD visual experience.

Multiple Cores for Speedy, Multi-Threaded Performance
The Intel Core i3-530 contains two processors, or execution cores, on one integrated circuit. Combined with four threads, the Core i3-530 can simultaneously work on multiple tasks. This design produces faster and more efficient results, so your computer won’t slow down–no matter how many applications you have open.

Hyper-Threading for Better Efficiency
The Intel Core i3-530 Processor features Intel Hyper-Threading Technology to deliver more efficient use of resources and better performance on multithreaded software. You’ll be able to run demanding desktop applications, such as music and movie creation applications, while running background applications, such as virus protection software, and still maintain system responsiveness.

Large Smart Cache for Better Media Performance
Intel Smart Cache provides performance-maximized storage for frequently accessed data. The Intel Core i3-530 has a generous 4 MB of Intel Smart Cache kept close to the processor, so there’s always data feeding in. The result is better overall functionality for everyday applications and markedly improved performance for rich media titles and games.

Intel HD Graphics Built-in
With the Core i3-530, Intel HD Graphics is built right into the CPU, so you won’t have to spend money on an external graphics card in order to get stunning results. Intel HD Graphics provides sharp images, rich color, and lifelike audio and video. Intel HD Graphics support multiple monitors, premium video such as Blu-ray Disc playback and mainstream gaming as well as a full Windows 7 experience.The Core i3-530 has a graphics core that runs at 733 MHz, and to maximize viewing power.

The Intel Core i3-530 is made on a 32nm manufacturing process for better energy efficiency. It uses the LGA1156 socket and is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

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